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Google's self-driving car takes blind man to Taco Bell

Think of all the ways this could help us. Less traffic jams, accidents, drunk driving, distracted driving,etc.

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The ageless addiction called Twitter (part 2)

TWITTER! What can I say. I was totally focused on my Twitter feeds. My iPhone was never out of reach. I had set up two more Twitter accounts and spent most of the day checking them to ensure that I didn’t miss anything. I mean, I didn’t want to be that guy who didn’t know what the current trending topics were! The rest of my time I was checking all my Facebook pages. My friends and family were starting to get a little annoyed with me. They just didn’t understand how amazing this all was.  I would try to explain to them. I knew I could get them to better appreciate the wonder of Twitter.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I wasn’t working. Yes, I pretty much had nothing else going on in my life. But I knew EVERYTHING about what was going on in the world. I was making connections and friends and developing Klout.  Towards what end, I had no idea.

While I was going through this epiphany, i was also dabbling with clay at a local pottery studio.  I really have no artistic talent, but what I lack in artistry I tend to make up in creativity. So most of what I made wasn’t very pretty but it was interesting. (I sleep better at night believing this.)  

About the beginning of September 2011, some of the people in the studio decided that they want to to put on a pottery festival where all the artists in the studio could display and sell their work.  Most of the people were not professional potters but they had amazing talent. In order to encourage these amateurs to participate, they set the fee to participate very low. Actually, too low. By the time this was figured out it was also, too late. So there wasn’t enough money to pay for the hours needed at the venue or advertising. Can you guess how this will continue? (to be continued…)

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My 21st century Social Media resume

Use a QR reader on your smart phone, then place your phone in the outline on the picture to hear what “Mark Zuckerberg” has to say about me.

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The ageless addiction called Twitter

Twitter is for kids, right?  It’s all about teenagers tweeting indecipherable messages to keep their parents from knowing what they are up to.  It’s not? Your right, it’s not or better yet, it doesn’t have to be.  I grew up during a time when the closest thing to Twitter was being on a telephone party line.  Just go look it up. My first computer, years later, had only 20 megabytes of memory! Obviously, I didn’t have Angry Birds on it!  I used computers on and off over the years but mostly in an office setting.  My computer at home was for email, writing letters, looking up things and printing off jokes i get emailed.

Then about 6 years ago when I was working for a national company creating online training for its emloyees, the company was purchased by a world wide company. During the next 4 years my department got smaller and smaller until last January, the HQ I worked at was closed and we were all laid off. I had been with the company for almost 18 years. They gave me a decent severance package so I spent the next few months decompressing.  

But then last summer a friend gave me a book to read, The Tao of Twitter by Mark Schaefer.  I had signed onto Twitter about 2 years before.  Not really understanding what Twitter was about, I kind of freaked out when people I didn’t know started to “follow” me. After a few weeks I just shut it down and didn’t go back. But once I read this book, I finally understood what all that “following” was about.  I immediately signed back on and started following others whose tweets interested me.

I have always been an avid newspaper reader.  Read it with breakfast everyday.  Now, though, I was finding that the information in the newspaper was old news.  I had already seen these news stories the day before on my Twitter feeds.  Adios newspaper.

Twitter was a whole new world for me.  There didn’t seem to be anything I couldn’t find there, current events, breaking news, society news, technology, the weird, the beautiful, the ugly, and the amusing.  But now that I was here, where would it take me?  And was I prepared to go there? (To be continued…)

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And why don’t the Presidential candidates ever want World Peace?!

And why don’t the Presidential candidates ever want World Peace?!

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The real reason Seniors are confused

For the first time in history we are expected to get older without aging, retire without stopping working, adapt to constantly changing technology without instruction, understand where our money is invested without an advanced finance degree and stay in touch without ever touching anyone.

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If it wasn’t for Senior Moments, think how different the world might be?! ;-}

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'Party Rock Anthem' Halloween light display

This is how i want my house to look!

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The new season of SYTYCD

Might be Art. Might be Porn. The highbrow kind.

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I'll drink to this!

How many times has this happened to you? That many? Really? Hmmmm

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